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Sleek Home HQ is a site by experienced home improvement expert with 15 years working at Home Depot and 3 years running his home improvement and decor business based in Upstate New York.

An Objective Approach to Practically Improve your home

To separate quality info from helpful tips, we have designed an objective way to review the top home gear available in the market including dishwashers, toilet seats and more

Deep Knowledge in home gear

Having worked in a store with thousands of home gear, I have assisted thousands of parents looking to get their hands on the best gear to improve their homes. I have also used a lot of the products we review here and I am confident you’ll find our reviews very helpful. 

Our Home Gear Categories

We have been working very hard over the last two years (during lockdown) to create helpful content for our readers. Below are some categories we started with


We currently have several guides and reviews on various dishwasher brands including lists of our top recommendations

Toilet Gear

We have several toilet gear guides on various topics including toilet seats, toilet cleaning, toilet bowls, detergents, and various types of toilet gear. 

Other Home Gear 

We are developing more home gear guides and reviews and welcome you to regularly check our site. 

Rely on Guides from Experts

We have dedicated a good amount of time to developing our home improvement guides and with wide experience and deep insights, we are confident that you’ll appreciate our guides and reviews.

10HomeGear ( recently grew its team and rebranded to SleekHomeHQ( We officially changed the domain from to on Feb 15, 2022.

Below are the Latest Reviews and Guides from Our Blog

About Sleek Home HQ

Sleek Home Hq is a site created by experienced home improvement experts with a deep passion for home decor. You’ll find top home gear guides and reviews on this site