This article shows 30 best toilet designs you can borrow as you design your toilet and bathroom.

Wide Bathroom Experience

The diagram below shows our favorite toilet design with a spacious bathroom. The toilet shown is one of TOTO NEOREST and has a heated seat and deodorizer built making the fixture the peak of luxury. It came top in our list and the picture below shows how this toilet design can make your bathroom exciting to you and any visitor to your home.

Modern Sleek Bathroom

This is mostly for those who like the beautiful simplicity of sleek, minimalist furnishings and clean surfaces. There are essential features into this; sleek floating vanity, crisp neutrals and repeated materials into putting up this model.

Nexus Washlet

This is a modern design with smooth lines that brings a timeless charm to the bath space while also offering ease of use with touchless technology.

  • Dual Flush Toilet with Actilight

This design gives the user of the toilet and bathroom a relaxing experience. It has a heated seat and deodorizer built making the fixture the peak of luxury.

  • Aimes One- piece toilet.

It is a toilet design with an elongated bowl- Washlet plus connection. Bold design and high efficiency characterize this toilet, with a variety of glaze colors. This toilet seamlessly integrates into any bathroom style.  

Aquia IV Toilet+ Two Piece Toilet.

Aquia IV Washlet plus toilet is designed for a seamless installation that allows the style and décor of your bathroom to shine.

AH Dual Flush Toilet

This is a modification of a modern, angular design to luxuries benefits like auto open and auto close lid and a built in Washlet. The new AH toilet is where design meets innovative technology on bathroom goals, design and home inspo.

Wall Hung Toilets.

This is a beautiful functional design. This type doesn’t contact the floor – makes it a breeze to keep the area around it clean. These elegant commodes hide the plumbing and working part. The bowl floats above the floor, anchored through drywall to the carrier.

Skirted Toilets

This is a modification from traditional to contemporary, skirted toilets to enhance the look you want. Simple, smooth and sleek, skirted toilets create a clean design.

Seamless Bathroom Experience

With performance and technology in mind, this design of a toilet creates a seamless bathroom experience. Seamless bathrooms are available in countless color variations. Each seamless bathroom is unique.

RH Dual Flush Toilet.

Sleek and modern, this new RH toilet brings elegant design and a revolutionary bathroom experience to your home. It has been designed with a smooth form and beautiful proportions that serves as an accent to interiors and architectural spaces. It also got softly rounded silhouette creating a sense of serenity.

Elongated Bowl, attractive two-piece.

This design meets the drake II. This design type extends less in the room. The elongated bowl is more common, which makes it seem more contemporary in is designed to be simple, brilliant and got elegant solutions for human basic needs. It’s kind of a ritual where every innovation, every detail is designed with you in is a result of innovative technology that enhances your daily life while maintaining the beauty and innovation expected.

SP Wall Hung Toilet.

Modern, sleek and sophisticated, the new SP toilet complements contemporary and modern design. It saves a valuable bathroom space while delivering a contemporary bathroom style for you. With a modern square shape.

Contemporary Classic Bathroom Design.

The Drake Transitional has a classic shape with modern flair for contemporary bathroom design.

The New Drake Transitional Toilet.

This design is so awesome and luxurious with 360-degree flushing power of the drake transitional toilet.

Raising the standard, exceeding your expectation. The new Drake Transitional toilet comes standard with some of the most coveted high-end features.

500H Dual Flush Toilet

The sleek design of the NEOREST toilet is the perfect fit for your modern bathroom look and a luxurious experience. It is a replacement of Neorest RH. This design has soft curves that are hard to find in high end units, allowing it to look great in the bathroom.

Approach to Environment Design.

This is a unique kind of toilet design that is set in great consideration of the global CSR activities and the environment. It carries in itself great positivity in environment care. A great sense of freshness as it isn’t contained in a room where ventilation is limited.

Connelly Design.

This design is usually used in bathroom remodeling on the seamlessly designed ones. The hallmark of this isn’t just attractive, modern styling but offers a groundbreaking experience. The Connelly can be an extraordinary addition to your bathroom.

Improved Drake Design

This is a raised standard that will definitely exceed your expectations. The new improved design comes with most high-end features. Different from the new Drake transitional Toilet.

Outhouse Bathroom Design

It is a design that is fun and nostalgic decorating theme for those who love everything rustic or old-fashioned.

Random Inspiration Design.

It is called random because it was just an inspiration of toilet design from no certain place or case. to complement the food, a new poop-o-meter is added to the Arks HUD. It also has an indoor plumbing.

Ark toilet Design.

Ark design as its name suggest it is designed making an ark look within the toilet room. It is a unique type named after its look.

Nate Berkus Design.

This design is called after the name of the founder. It happened during a redesigning task in LA. The design makes the house less heavy and ornate, and more appropriate for a modern family. Something friendly and warm.

Onechitecture Design-

Toilets are fundamental to your daily life hence the importance to articulate its goodness. This design has articulated lots of technology in it. It has an additional improvement in comfort and aesthetics and there are more improvements suggested already like incorporate music, LED lighting, seat heating, and water jets. Incredible design

Half Bathroom Design.

This design is called half bathroom if it has no bathing essential making the design look classy and welcoming and its necessary. It looks fantastic, even if it’s smaller one, simple and elegant.

Powder room Tiled Design.

This is a design of a toilet room in a private dwelling, especially one primarily for the use of guests. A public toilet or restroom

Daltile Natural Stone toilet design.

Simplicity is what defines this design. Daltile is Americas leading ceramic, porcelain tile and natural stone. This type of toilet design is built on traditional design, quality and service. It gives a natural look on the toilet and bathroom and so easy to clean.

Simplicity rules this design.

Minimalist Bathroom

This design is very pleasing and calming on the eye and therefore a great style in designing the is very simple providing way to have a clean environment. It attempts to subtract every detail that doesn’t have necessary importance or rather use in the bathroom hence being a simple design.

Guest Toilet.

A guest toilet has no reason to be so big but its presence is great especially if you receive guests at your place. There are various ideas into designing this like; make it location be near their room, printed wallpaper is a great idea to decorate walls, a sleek vanity, wall-mounted or light-weight.

Sloping Toilet.

This toilet design slopes downward slightly, making it uncomfortable to sit on for more than a few minutes. It has an upper surface that slopes downwards at a 13-degree has had some scorn on social media as when introduced as people thought there would be too much stay on the loo due to its discomfort

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