Are toilet seats universal?

The answer is yes and no, no in the simple sense that toilet seats differ in sizes and shapes. In the US, for example, they are mainly round or elongated shapes. While in the UK they have round, D-shaped, and square shapes. Aside from the shape, they also differ in dimensions. The elongated seat is longer by 2 inches than the round shape when you measure lengthwise from the center of the bolt holes (which connect the seat to the bowl) to the very front edge of the seat. You can check out top toilet designs here.

That said, the seats are also universal in the sense that they follow a standard measurement. Elongated seats measure approximately 18 .5 inches and round seats about 16.5 inches. So, whenever you need to replace your toilet seat it will fit any bowl so long as it is a standard elongated or standard round. 

Are toilet tanks universal?

No. there are many types of toilets, and the tank is correlated with the flashing system so you cannot mix and match tanks and bowls of different manufacturers. For optimal performance, use the same brand for the tank and bowl.

Are toilet flappers universal?

Flappers used to be universal sized but not anymore. Currently, flappers range from two-inch to four-inch. Most of the toilets use the two-inch flapper although the newer toilets manufactured after 2005 use three-inch flappers.

Are toilet handles universal?

No toilet handles differ in length, angle of the arm, and placement on the tank-left, right, front or side. They also come in different styles and finish as well as price. If you wish to replace your handle, it might be a good idea to note your model number and brand name of your toilet, to enable your toilet retailer to help you choose the right handle.

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