Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend some quality time with friends and family. However, dealing with traditional camping toilets can be less than fun. If you’re looking for a better option, portable camping toilets may be the solution for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best portable camping toilets of 2022. So, whether you’re planning your next camping trip or just dreaming about it, read on for some helpful information!

A camping portable toilet is basically a mobile toilet that can be carried along on camping expeditions for the purpose of nature calls.

Best portable camping toilets Reviews 2022

#1. Domestic 301097202 Portable Toilet.

This type of portable toilet basically comes on top of our list of the best due to its provisions of comfort, simplicity and in line with the latest technology and innovative ideas. We can therefore consider it a perfect choice to any user as it will definitely provide one of the best experiences to the camper. This toilet has a very powerful flush button as result of best technology appliance and this is a feature that makes it incomparable to the other types of portable camping toilets as it is too far much better compared to the others. In comparison with others, it is more portable, saves space and less messy. It’s holding tank holds up to a maximum of 9.8.1.


  • It provides for very easy installation on the floor due to its simple make
  • Very strong construction that copes even harsh environments.
  • It has a technology push button that enables an instant flush of the waste to the holding tank
  • A large comfortable seat and a fastened lid for security and lastly it is not easy to scratch.

Below is a sample image of the domestic 301097202 portable toilet.


  • Clean the sit or rather wipe after every use for hygienic purposes.
  • Empty once the waste is at high levels.
  • Ensure the holders are strong before the lifting and repair in case of breakage.


  • Do not keep wastes for long periods.

#2. Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model.

This is the second model on our top selection list. It has got great features embedded in it that would definitely offer some breathtaking experience to the user and good service. It is simple hence easy to use especially on beginners and has a replaceable pump that offers two way cleaning making it easy for enhanced bowl cleaning. Its bowl is of great depth which offers great comfort while in use and with its make it is easy to see the level of waste in the tank hence know the right time to empty the holding tank of the toilet. The holding tank of this toilet has a tank vent which greatly boosts its cleaning and emptying. It is among best choices for camping and hiking.

Features: replaceable pump, deep bowl, see through tanks for waste and tank vent that boosts cleaning and emptying.

Pros: ensure cleanliness and observe hygiene.

         Replace the tank with caution to prevent breaking of the connections.

         Empty the waste tank when the levels are up for cleanliness.

Cons: do not let the waste levels accumulate to almost the capacity.

#3. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System.

This type offers some dignified use experience to the user. It is safely made to offer premium experience and as the name suggests it is can be carried anywhere. Additionally it has some unique feature that I can be folded to a briefcase size hence ease in its portability.

Its stability is so strong even on uneven ground or even rough ground. Mixing of messy chemical waste storing tanks or dumping stations is not necessary for this and no assembly is necessary too. It is carried using a built-in handle that is one of the features in it, and its holding tank holds up to 500lbs. this toilet has kits that can be carried anywhere and that’s what it uses.

It is an updated type of clean waste portable toilet and the look is even the same.

Features: premium engineered, foldable to briefcase size, built-in handle and toilet kits that are carried along for use with the toilet.

Pros: fold and unfold carefully when necessary.

Cons: do not keep it unfolded when not in use.

           Do not bang the hinges.

          Do not impose scratching activity.

#4. Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet.

This type of camping portable toilet is the modern design of toilet, sleek and offers the user with a homey feeling experience. It has a large bowl that gives a great and large use area, a comfortable seat and last but not least a battery rechargeable flush for the waste.

Its durability is long and offers easy cleaning and usage. It has a curve that offers a separation to the holding tank hence easy to clean and pour out waste from the curves. There is also a holder that keeps the curve fixed to the toilet paper for easy access. You should keep close look at the curve and holding tanks for cleanliness to ensure that they are fresh.

The holder for toilet paper is fished in a way that when closed it keeps the toilet paper out of sight when not in use and clean.

Features: sleek, large bowl, large use area, comfortable seat, rechargeable flush battery and holder for toilet rolls.

Pros: make the large use area always clean and dry.

          Wipe the toilet roll holder often to maintain it clean.

           Charge the flush battery to full before use and do not let it overstay in the charger.

Cons: do not disassemble the flush battery.

          Do not let waters stay in the large bowl for extra-long days.

#5. 5 GAL Portable camp toilet camping flush potty.

From the name, this toilet has 5 gallon waste holding capacity tank. This capacity is of great convenience meaning the holding tank won’t need to be emptied oftenly as it can hold a lot of waste for long periods. It can be termed as fully independent. Its waste unit is connected onto it with a non-corrosive waste.

Its flush has a button that operates by just a push to flush. The seat of this type of toilet is large and can take up heavy weights comfortably without breaking as it’s strong to hold. The valve for draining waste is sealed twice which ensures no leaking and this keeps the toilet safe from odors. The toilet has two strong holders that enable carrying it along from one place to another.

#6. Camco 41541 Portable Toilet.

The Camco 41541 Portable Toilet has a good waste tank capacity to hold more and fresh water with half capacity as that of its waste tank. It is a super strong model of a portable camping toilet hence can hold bigger weights maximum 330lbs.

Its flushing is through a hand-pumped system which means it is manual. It has valves for draining waste to the holding tank and auto seals to prevent waste leaking of liquid and odors but contains them all together in the inside.

The waste tank can be disassembled from the freshwater tank and the toilet seat for purposes of emptying the toilet after one or several uses. This helps maintain its cleanliness and maintenance.

Features: super strong model, fully independent, hand pumped flushing system, auto seal draining valves.

Pros: keep clean and well maintained.

        Ensure that the draining valves are always strong and not loose to prevent leaking.

       Replace waters after some periods.

Cons: do not mishandle the holders

#7. Stansport Portable Camping Toilet.

This toilet can take up more weight even than the above Camco 41541 portable toilet and is stronger and stable too. This is different from the other above types we discussed before in that instead of an underneath holding tank it has a disposable sanitary bag.

This means more saving on water and flushing power hence a very economical choice to the user. Now that it doesn’t have a fresh water part and flushing system, it means that its make is simple rather than complex hence easy to use especially for kids and beginners. However, it is again on extra expenses as one has to buy more extra disposal bags for use as the toilet has only one that is disposed of after use. A big number of users will pose more need for extra disposable bags for this toilet type.

Features: strong and stable make, use disposable sanitary bag, simple model.

Pros: carry and place at a safe place and environment.

Cons: do not disassemble the different parts when not necessary.

#8. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self Contained.

This toilet is termed as self-contained as it has all the user essentials within its make or rather construct and can accommodate up to heavyweights of 300 lbs. It’s self-containing offers a great and comfortable experience, inner splash cover and a toilet roll holder for toilet paper rolls.

Same to Stan sport type, it uses disposable bags too instead of water flushing method. The lid of the top where the waste bag cannot be depended on for great cover-up hence the bag has to be emptied before carrying to avoid bringing about messy situations. The toilet has one disposable bag hence your duty to get more bags in case of big crowds to use it or many uses that outgrow the one disposable bag.

#9. Cleanwaste Portable toilet.

It is a unique kind as compared to the previously discussed ones. When not in use it can be folded to a size of a briefcase which eases carrying it along unnoticeable and when in use it’s just unfolded to a container shape and it’s simple it doesn’t require any assembling of the parts, it outsets itself to the required shape and make.

This model has three strong legs to offer great stability on the uneven and rough unfriendly ground that is not user friendly. As the above two discussed portable toilets, this also uses disposable toilet bags as opposed to the water flush system.

#10. Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet.

It has a great waste capacity of five gallons and uses a freshwater flush system to flush water down its system. It has all toilet necessities in it hence can be termed as a self-contained toilet.

Its holding tank for waste underneath is covered with non-corrosive outs which prevent it from reacting to harsh conditions making it last long without wearing off.

The tank for waste is sealed more than once to emit leakages and on the case of emptying the tank is able to or in simple terms separable from the general toilet inclusions that are basically the water tank and the seat. After separation, the waste tank is then easily emptied.

Best Portable Camping Toilets Buying Guide

How do portable camping toilets work? How to use them.

A portable camping toilet basically operates like the normal toilet except that its waste is not directed to a sewer but here, it is directed to a holding tank on the lower part or underneath of the toilet. The toilet basically flushes and transports the waste like it happens in the normal toilet but directs it to holding tank underneath. After the waste reaches the tank underneath there are chemicals in there that break down the waste, kill germs and destroy the obviously bad smells and reduces the tissue paper used by the toilet user and flushed together with the waste. When you have finished or after a few uses you can empty and clean it when you’re finished and then you’re done. That’s basically how these toilets work.

 Do portable camping toilets smell?

Portable camping toilets have very little or totally no smell. This is because in the underneath tank where the waste is directed to after flushing, there are chemicals that in this case destroy the smell of the wastes and after that or a few uses it is usually cleaned. Hence there’s little or no smell after use which is an advantage even when you do not remember to empty before a long travelling.

Portable camping toilet chemicals.

Deodorizing and disinfectants are the two most used chemicals in these portable camping toilets. These two chemicals are placed at the underneath holding tank of the toilet. They aid in breaking down the waste, destroying the smell and killing the germs. These two chemicals are so most essential in these toilets as without them the toile would be so messy, fresh waste that would be smelly and this will be so inessential for camping. Without these the toilet wouldn’t be fresh even when cleaned.

Portable camping toilet and shower/tent.

This has a modern portable pop up changing room which is very large, has a toilet shower and camping dressing tent that is private. It is like a many in one provisions as it offers room for changing, showering and private dressing space. This is so convenient as it has very many services in one and convenient also to carry along to camping sites. It comes in different versions some of which can be disassembled and offers an easy pop-up has mounting stakes that make it stable when being set for shower even in a condition that is windy so that it can’t fall during activity. This also has a very bi expansion space that enables convenience and comfortability when in use. It provides privacy due to its following features; bottomless design and the design of the roof, avoid crowding and offers more privacy on issues that need it like changing clothes, doing makeup, and so on. There are different colors of this hence providing a wide variety for a person to choose from according to his/ her taste.

Portable camping toilet bags.

This is more of a bag as compared to the other technical portable toilet and is so convenient for outdoor activities that are for a relatively short time like a day’s hike, outdoor activities, commuters and those in construction activities. These bags are mostly made up of compostable materials hence environment friendly upon disposal as it will decompose well. These bags are more preferred as they are replaceable hence with even a big group of users you can get as many changes to cater for the big numbers and they are 100% biodegradable.

Below is a sample picture of a portable camping toilet bag.

How to select the best portable camping toilets.

There are many types of these portable toilets hence providing a wide range of these for the user to choose from. It poses a great challenge on making a choice as all the types just seem like a possible choice that will fit the user need. Making the best choice will be a difficult task. However, some guidelines below are so helpful when making a choice on the best options on best portable camping toilets so as to get the best option that would offer the best experience: the best portable camping toilet should have a durable and large seat to offer comfortability when in use, it should be durable itself in terms of the material it’s made up of and lastly but not least it should have a detachable storage tank for purposes of emptying it to keep it clean and well kept.

Things to consider when buying a portable camping toilet.

  • Waste disposal.

The waste disposal of the choice of the type of toilet should be easy, available and not tiring to the user.

  • Volume of the toilet

This is mostly about the holding capacity of waste and freshwater for flushing. A good choice should be of big volumes for convenience as it will take long uses without emptying.

  • Ease of use.

On this, best choice will be the one that is simple, no complex makes in it and easy to use.

  • Dimensions of the toilet

The best choice here should be of large working area, comfortable seat to offer a comfortable experience.

  • Privacy.

On this characteristic, the good choice will one that gives more privacy and dignity to use.

Types of portable toilets/ usage area, cleaning and maintenance.

From the above reviews of portable camping toilets, we have mostly geared all our talks on mostly the flush toilets and the disposable bags toilet. Away from those two, there is a third provision- composting toilets. These are self-composting hence do not have to stress the user a lot on disposing wondering its effect to the surrounding incase it fails to decompose fully. These are mostly used on water body’s locomotives and places with no or rare drainage systems to direct the waste to a decomposing location as provided. They have an own way of dealing with waste disposal.

Cleaning and maintenance of the portable camping toilets is very essential to offer a clean toilet and this also boost lasting of the toilet in service when well maintaining. Maintaining involves tasks like repairing when broken, repainting and ensuring all hinges, holders and the make in general is in good shape as it should. Deodorizers aid in the cleaning of these and what to use changes from one type of toilet to another and some even are bought together with their own samples. Bag toilets need powder to convert the liquid waste and ease breakdown of toilet paper. Waste should also be disposed at the right times.

Problems portable toilets have.

  • Stability.

This is one of the biggest problem facing the use of these toilets and it happens mostly where the grounds are uneven and on harsh weather conditions. Lack of stability poses a great challenge to the user as there will be no comfort of use.

  • Odors.

These sometimes occur mostly if the chemicals do not work as it should in destroying the odors in the waste when they enter the holding tank. It can also be due to leakages of liquid waste and odors through the draining valves.

  • Disposal of waste.

Sometimes there is a hardship and inconvenience when it comes to disposing the waste. This is because it just can’t be used anywhere the user has to look for a convenient place to do so.

  • Running out of essentials.

These are things like chemicals and fresh flushing water. In case of a shortage or running out of these alters its convenience of use.

  • Portability.

Sometimes the toilet may suffer from damaged holders hence posing a big challenge on its mobility as it won’t be carried along with ease.

  • Privacy.

This is where there is a problem of private location to use these. Having a secure and safe location where ones privacy is not altered will be better as it offers comfort ability in use.

  • Cost.

Most of these are costly and not affordable to every camper. It also comes along with additional expenses of maintenance.

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