A toilet that keeps running might be stressing and poses a great challenge to use comfortably even. A leaking toilet that won’t stop running can waste up to many liters of water in some span of time. First when a toilet keeps running you should see on the toilet flapper to ensure that it has not decayed or it does not have a crack.

The cracking or decay of flapper is the most common cause of a running toilet. This is because it will not re-seal when enough water enters the tank and hence more water keeps flowing into the toilet bowl making it run all through without stoppage like it should. That is a good explanation why toilet water won’t stop running. In fixing a running toilet, there are considerations that should be taken into place to ensure correct fixing is done. One of those considerations is the toilet model to be fixed. There are toilet without tank, without flapper, with button flush, with ball, without float among others.

Toilet without tank rely on water directly from supply line at a good pressure such that a single flush carries all waste down the system. To stop such toilet from running, ensure a low level of the waters for flushing to give a weak flush and that definitely prevents spillage of excess water and also the valve will stop when necessary making the toilet system operate normal way.

On fixing a running toilet without flapper, check on the inside of the toilet and lock the toilet pipe then clean the draining and cocking valve. Lastly adjust the chain level, the fill height and adjust the levels of the water in the toilet.

Fixing a running toilet button flash, in most cases first you need to understand that a button flush has two separate and independent part hence the need to first disassemble the parts and know where the fault is. There is the shut off valve and float valve. If water overflows this means that the float is at fault and it fails in shutting off when the water fills and when there is water leaking this means flush mechanism is faulty. Solving this will need adjusting of the float valve seal and the float mechanism. Below is a vide guide by Home Depot on how to fix a leaky toilet that won’t stop running:

Other toilets do not have a floating ball and to fix this simply check the water level and make sure valves are not submerged and closely feel the sound of the flowing water and conclude if all is stable. Make adjustments if possible on the on the float height and flush several times to be assured that it runs on the normal way without leakages and overflows. Contrary to this on fixing a running toilet with a floating ball, squeeze a clip attached to the floating ball cup and ensure that it is below the water level in the toilet bowl. Tighten the screw on the ends and flush the toilet to test the new functioning and water levels.

There are times also that the toilet ball will need adjusting and in this you should adjust the toilet ball through a screw on the toilet valve. Turn the screw clockwise which will relatively lower the ball hence automatically lowering the water level.

When the problem causing running toilet is a fault in the float valve, the adjustment screw is turned according to the issue at hand. In this case, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise to lower the water levels. Ensure that the water levels are below the top of overflow tube of the toilet.

Fluid master also can be adjusted to fix a running toilet. Turn adjustment crew counterclockwise to lower water levels. After adjusting, flush toilet to check on the new water levels.

It’s important to notice leaks on toilets and act on them as fast to prevent more water loss. Korky toilet parts and accessories help to save this by adjusting on the fill valve and flapper equipped with the Korky parts. Open the lid off the toilet water holding tank, locate the fill valve, grasp the toilet valve and adjust counterclockwise, move up and down to adjust water levels up to the required level, lock the korky head and lastly raise or lower the float key on the korky adjustable flapper.

Generally, fixing on a running toilet is a hard task but most importantly check to know first where the fault is so as to follow the above-discussed approaches into fixing each issue.

Video Description of Steps to Fix Running Toilet

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