Turning off the water to your toilet is a simple way to save water and money. In this blog, we will describe the steps necessary to turn off the water to your toilet. The steps described below will help you turn off the supply to a regular toilet or to any toilet – including those without a valve. We hope you find it helpful and this also happens to be our first blog post after rebranding from 10Homegear to Sleek Home HQ!

What you’ll need:

  1. Wrench
  2. Pliers – may or may not be needed.

The steps to turn off the water to your toilet are as follows:

  1. Turn off the water supply to your toilet by turning on the closest faucet. This will drain any residual water left in the tank and lines that may come out when you turn off your toilet’s water supply. There is usually a small knob close to where your water supply enters your home.
  2. Once the knob is fully turned, turn it again to ensure that the water has stopped running into the toilet tank. Flush your toilet to ensure that there are no leaks or trickling sounds coming from your bathroom sink faucets- if you do hear trickling, simply wait until all of the water has drained before turning off your toilet’s water supply.
  3. Now you can loosen the nut that attaches your water supply to your toilet tank with a wrench. There are only two places where the nut may be attached- either on top of the flapper or underneath it, there is no right answer for this step so just go by feel and try not to tear the nut off. It may take a minute or so to completely loosen, and you don’t want to break any parts of your toilet so be patient.
  4. Once the nut is loose enough, keep it attached as you slowly pull part of the water supply line out- not all of it! You only need about an inch away from the tank to start with, this will be enough for now.
  5. Congratulations! The water to your toilet is off now. Remember- never turn the knob on the front of your toilet tank unless you are working with it or want to flush something down the toilet!
  6. To finish turning off the water supply, turn the nut back onto where it was before to stop any trickling. Do not go back in and tighten it all the way just yet, leave it loose enough for you to turn on if necessary.

Below is a Video Describing How to Turn Off Water Supply to the Toilet:

How to turn off water to toilet with no valve under tank

To turn off the water to the toilet with no valve, use the Shutoff Valve, usually located under your toilet. There is usually a piggy back valve under you tank on left side for this purpose. (If not locate it on the right side, near fill level.) It will be either a ball or turn handle type valve, using hand tools like pliers or possibly an indented slot requiring the use of an “Allen Wrench”.

After turning off water supply to your toilet you may need to flush it a little by pulling the handle attached to the ball or turn type valve. This will empty enough water so that you can unscrew and remove this under tank shutoff valve by hand, freeing up your main shutoff to the toilet, if you haven’t already done so.

Your shutoff valve should be attached to a 3/4″ copper tubing line which is connected at each end with right-hand threads (tightens clockwise) and flares out on either side of the stop valve, usually brass. If this line breaks off in your shutoff valve, you’ll have to replace the entire valve. If it just comes loose, reattach it making sure that the threads are clean and smooth inside. The line will be hot so use a rag or pliers to tighten by hand. There is no need for Teflon tape if your threads are in good condition..

It may be possible to see if there is a leak at this location without turning off water supply to your toilet completely, simply by shutting it off part way; some leakage should appear at this point.

Is it ok to turn off water to toilet?

You may be thinking, “is it ok to turn off water to toilet?” Yes, you can turn off water to your toilet without any issue. The only thing that might happen is the water level of your tank will go down once you’ve turned off the valve. If this happens just pour some more water into your tank and everything should be fine.

To check valves, shut off water supply to your toilet by shutting off the water supply line at the street, or turning off the main valve behind your toilet (most likely located under tank). Push down on handle; if it doesn’t stay down, try tightening screw that holds it up; then retest to see if it stays down. If it doesn’t stay down, you have a broken flapper/ballcock assembly and will need to replace.

If the handle stays down but water continues to run into your tank or toilet bowl, then there is a problem with your refill valve that may need replacement.

Toilet running water at the wrong time

If your toilet is running water at the wrong time, you most likely have a faulty flapper/ballcock assembly, or your fill valve may be faulty. To test for leaks in your tank’s flapper/ballcock assembly, simply remove it by lifting it straight up from its home and take a look to see if there are any tears or holes that need to be repaired.

It is also possible that the hole where the refill tube attaches to the fill valve may be blocked; this can be tested by removing refill tube and dropping a little food coloring into top of tank (be sure not to get any on your flush or inside toilet bowl). If you see color coming out of overflow pipe, then it is blocked. Continue reading this article to learn how to unblock it.

To test for faulty fill valve/ballcock assembly, you will need to remove tank lid and drop a few drops of food coloring into the top of your tank. Then wait a few minutes and see what happens. If colored water continues to run into toilet bowl, then either the valve is faulty or the fill tube is clogged. Straighten out a paperclip and use it to poke through any debris blocking hole where the refill tube attaches to bottom of fill valve.

Once all issues with your tank’s flapper/ballcock assembly and fill valve have been cleared, you should be able to leave your water supply line fully shut off and not have to worry about your toilet overflowing.


Q: How to turn off the water to the toilet push-pull?

A: First, you have to find the water supply line. It is probably 3/4-inch copper tubing with a right-hand thread on one end and flares out on the other. Twist it off using your hand. If you can’t get it loose that way, use pliers or an adjustable wrench.

Q: how long can you turn off the water to the toilet?

A: Once you have shut off your water supply line, there’s no need to keep it shut down. It is only necessary when you are servicing or repairing the tank or bowl.

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