A plunger is the tool used for clearing blockage by a force up a great helper of the plumber in such times of unblocking things. A clogged toilet will need this to be unclogged but this is not always the case. A toilet can be unclogged even without a plunger. A toilet may clog due to many different causes like toilet paper, baby wipes and poop among others. A snake is a long wire coil with a tip that is entered into the pipes up to when encounters the blockage hence it can be used in the same function as a plunger.

The plunger works in the following way to unclog a toilet. Plunge the toilet using the rubber part at its bottom, push the plunger holder in and out vigorously keeping enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger. A plunger should be kept clean by cleaning it after uses and even when it stays long without use. Below are some several steps to clean it:

  • Pour apple cider into the toilet.
  • Drop the plunger with the rubber head downwards and allow the rubber to soak in the mix overtime.
  • Flush for a few times to let the water rinse the plunger and then dry it and store.

On cleaning the plunger, it holder needs to be cleaned too: spray a disinfectant on the holder, allow it to sit for some time, rinse it under hot water and let it to dry then store in a clean place.

If the plunger fails in unclogging a toilet, there is an option of using a toilet auger which looks like a cable. It loosens the clog until it removes the clog.

There are times that you can be in a situation for instance at a friend’s toilet then it clogs and it’s during a curfew and that leaves you with no option other than unclogging it without plunger. There are several steps in doing this as discussed below: use hot water and liquid soap. Put the liquid soap in the toilet bowl or even a bar soap. Pour the hot water into the bowl to dissolve the soaps and this will quickly begin to unclog the clog. Repeat the process till the blockage is completely gone. Lastly flush the toilet a several times after its unclogged to remove any residue. That is one of the best and fast methods of unclogging toilet without plunger. On this method again when the blocked toilet is full of water, remove the water from the toilet bowl while on gloves. First to leave the bowl empty to allow for use of hot water then repeat the same steps.

Yet on another note, let the water fall slowly if it’s at the top of the toilet, take dish soap or shampoo and pour into the toilet, run tap water from the sink or rather bath and leave it for a period especially at most five minutes and it will most probably clear the clog.

A toilet that is blocked by poop will be blocked efficiently by use of detergents and boiling. Pour boiled hot water into sink to generate much more pressure into pushing the poop. Add some spoons of detergent and level it for some time. On checking after that time you will definitely notice a reduction in the water level meaning a positive response. Also, vinegar and baking soda dissolve poop and can be used to unclog poop easily. Once the vinegar and baking soda are poured in the toilet, they combine and begin action immediately by fizzing and this releases even most stubborn clogs. These two act as natural cleaning agents.

This is basically the way you should go about unclogging toilet using baking soda and vinegar: assess the extent of the clog so as to know how to approach it, put an amount of baking soda into the toilet, and pour vinegar into the toilet followed by boiling hot water. Then repeat this as many times until the clog is released.

A clog of solid waste like toilet paper and baby wipes may pose a big challenge to unclog without the tool- plunger. Simply put an amount of dish soap in the clogged toilet, add very hot water into the bowl, and watch for a few moments like five minutes the water should help break the toilet paper and the soap help it slide downwards.

On the other note, plastic wrap can also be used to unclog a toilet. Use the wrap to cover the toilet bowl completely and flush. When the plastic wrap starts to bubble, with great energy force air down and this pressure will force the clog down relatively through the draining pipe.

However sometimes a clogged drain clears by itself. If the toilet trap is clogged fill water to near the top of the bowl and leave it. It will unclog basically due to softening of the clog after some period until flushing can work efficiently.

From the discussions above of the various approaches of unclogging toilet without plunger, you will ideally fall for baking soda and vinegar as the best way to unclog toilet without plunger. It is so easy, quick and efficient and doesn’t require a lot of energy into employing it.

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