Yes, toilet water that has been recycled is clean. Although it may not sound appealing, when waste water is filtered and treated, it is free from germs, odor and particles. We could say it is just like tap or bottled water.

So yes, water in your toilet tank is as clean as the water in your taps. Regarding the water in your toilet bowl, rest assured that it cannot go back up into the tank. So it can only be clean if you don’t use the bowl, or your bowl is clean and disinfected.

Is toilet water clean to drink?

We are assuming this question would be out of concern for your pets? No, toilet water is not safe to drink. It might be free of germs if you have disinfected, but the chemicals used for cleaning (discs, tablets, sprays and gels) are toxic and could cause burns or other serious repercussions if ingested.

Is toilet water clean after flushing?

If you regularly clean and disinfect your toilet, then the water is clean.

How clean is toilet water to drink?

Certainly, toilet water may be clean but not safe to drink unless it is recycled. That is if you can get past the ‘disgusting’ factor in your mind. In some parts of the world, they have tried to combat their problems of short water supply by incorporating recycled wastewater into their water supply. The water has been used for irrigation and other non-drinkable purposes. Still, experts say this water follows the same technology used to treat drinking water that is contaminated, and the end result is the same. Wastewater treatment usually involves combining several technologies such as clarification, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, evaporation, and chemical treatment into a cohesive high-performance solution that produces pure water- perhaps even purer than rivers or spring water.

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