The toilet paper holder is one of the most overlooked pieces in a bathroom. It’s just there, you know? You put your paper on it and then forget about it until you need to use the restroom again. But what if I told you that there are some things about this seemingly innocuous piece that could be affecting your mood and your health?

The height of the toilet paper holder plays a large role in how sanitary and clean we feel when using public restrooms. The general rule for TP holders is to have them at least 26 inches from the ground so as not to come into contact with any bacteria or germs. This means that those who are elderly or disabled will also benefit from having their own accessible toilet paper holder mounted at a proportionate height.

toilet paper holder height ada

To comply with ADA, the toilet paper holder height needs to be 77-87 inches above the floor. For others, it’s best if they are mounted at about 66 inches.

When you consider this height, it makes sense that kids need their own TP holder in their bathroom to help prevent them from touching germy surfaces while having fun with toilet paper rolls. But what other effects does this have on the home?

toilet paper holder height ADA Accessible Toilet Room

toilet paper holder height from floor

From the floor, the toilet paper holder height should be at least 26 inches and centered in the toilet. That leaves a long reach for users who are taller and allows access to all members of the household who may have a hard time reaching high, low or even mid-level paper holders.

Every little bit helps when it comes to a sanitary bathroom, but this TP holder height is one you might not think about going into the bathroom. A good rule of thumb is to have the TP holder height at about mid-level for maximum comfort and safety when using a public restroom.

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